The COVID-19 update.

So, coronavirus happened. It kind of threw lives for both me and Demian upside down and really slowed down the development. There also haven't been any public updates in half a year now, so I thought we should finally get what we've added since last time to everyone's hands.

As usual, I'll try to keep it short, but here's a changelog since last public release:

  • rivers now receive glacial melt
  • waterflow is seasonal (important for wadis and seasonal rivers)
  • new "satellite" map mode
  • soil moisture simulation
  • grass and shrubs simulation (trees and soil organics are still missing)
  • completely reworked UI
  • a ledger for global statistics
  • an options screen (you can finally turn down the volume if you want)
  • better name generation for provinces and countries
  • pathfinding algorithms of all kinds for future use
  • improved generation of countries
  • graphical country borders
  • simple technology simulation
  • fixed map exports (no more unnecessary distortions around poles)
  • improved permafrost soils
  • sliders controlling generation of realms
  • modding support for technologies and languages (as in, languages of countries in the game, not the language used in the UI)
  • improved resource generation and simplified modding support for it
  • categorization of map modes for easier access
  • categorization of defines into categories for easier access
  • defines presets
  • minor bug fixes

The update also technically includes simulation of religion, cultures as well as algorithms deciding which societies are hunter gatherers, nomads of agriculturalists, but I haven't included them in the checklist because you can't really view them yet (well, you can see the last one in the "CalaDebug" map mode).

I was hoping to get pops and characters into this update, but unfortunately, with covid making my life a hell with constant coughing and fever, I ran out of time before a period of exams in my college. We will probably release another update that includes these features before the final 0.2 update.

(As a closing note and a bit of a warning, change default defines to "no vegetation" for your first run. Otherwise, you'll generate half a millennia of plant growth and that really takes a while)

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