Releasing version 0.190 to patron tiers $10 and higher

Calandiel successfully fused versions 0.1 and 0.2 a few weeks back and we noticed that we were at a relatively stable build on our road to version 0.2. Since the holiday season will probably slow down development a bit we figured it'd be nice to show our progress so far. 0.2 has pretty much everything we'd planned (and a little more) with the exception of biomass, river deltas, and some balancing/prettifying/UI work. Also, while the "satellite mode" is included, the world will look conspicuously drier than it should in the final version, with wetlands and riparian areas looking much greener relative to the surrounding landscape.

Keep in mind the current build is still a "development build" so may have a few stability issues when you push world gen parameters to their extremes.

I'll be sending out a Patreon message to all Journeymen patrons and higher with a link to version 0.190, and we'll also be giving out the "tester" role to all new and current patrons on our discord channel (where you can also download).

Discord Channel:

Patreon, where you should be able to read the message:

Get Songs of the Eons, 0.1.9

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